How Elyos empowers their customers to optimize energy usage in their real estate portfolio with smart meter data from Openvolt

How Elyos empowers their customers to optimize energy usage in their real estate portfolio with smart meter data from Openvolt
Elyos is on a mission to empower commercial building owners to optimize energy consumption, in turn propelling the real estate industry towards Net Zero. By utilizing meter consumption data, machine learning, and software, Elyos helps commercial properties both reduce costs and reduce carbon emissions.
How Elyos empowers their customers to optimize energy usage in their real estate portfolio with smart meter data from Openvolt

Use Case 

Enable access to smart meter consumption data to power energy management insights and optimizations.


Elyos requires streamlined access to their customers’ energy consumption data in order to offer comprehensive insights into their energy efficiency, as well as to encourage them to shift their energy usage away from peak periods. These peak periods often coincide with times when electricity is generated from fossil fuels, resulting in higher costs for consumers and a larger carbon footprint

However, gaining access to granular smart meter data presents a multitude of challenges across administrative, technical, financial, regulatory, and data privacy domains. Navigating through these complexities can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, diverting attention away from Elyos' core mission of delivering value-added services to their customers. 


Elyos leverages Openvolt’s API to gain instant access to historical and current energy consumption data for commercial buildings across multiple geographies, all with just a few lines of code. This data empowers Elyos to optimize energy usage for their customers by reducing and shifting loads. Consequently, businesses can effectively reduce operating expenses and minimize their carbon footprint.

Openvolt’s API saves Elyos months of integrations and ongoing maintenance, allowing Elyos to focus on what truly matters: developing the best solutions for their customers.

Openvolt's API has been a game-changer for Elyos, saving us months of integration and ongoing maintenance with just a few lines of code. This partnership empowers us to address critical energy challenges, leading the way in sustainable and cost-effective energy management—a crucial step forward in our mission to make a meaningful impact on businesses and the environment.

Adrian Johnston
Co-Founder & CEO 

About Elyos 

Elyos is developing energy solutions that empower commercial building owners — such as hotels, hospitals, schools, and more — to optimize their energy usage, ultimately saving businesses money while contributing to the global shift towards renewable energy.

As the grid incorporates more renewable energy, significant disparities arise between the times when power is generated, such as during the daytime for solar power, and the times when energy is needed. Consumption peaks in the evening, often requiring a ramping of electricity generated from fossil fuels.

To address this challenge, Elyos helps its customers automatically shift energy usage outside of peak hours. Their solutions enable businesses to capitalize on lower-demand periods by participating in demand response initiatives while simultaneously reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Co-founder Adrian Johnston emphasized the impact of this strategy, noting that a mere 10% shift in peak-time consumption can result in a substantial 15% reduction in electricity bills, resulting in potential annual savings of $150,000 for a medium-sized hotel.

With commercial buildings accounting for 30% of global electricity demand, according to the International Energy Agency, optimizing energy usage outside of peak hours has the potential to significantly reduce the need for fossil fuels, contributing to a more sustainable future.