Unlock access to smart meter data

Leverage Openvolt’s API to power your energy application. Connect to fragmented data sources, stay compliant and implement with ease.

Our Platform

Openvolt's APIs enable you to instantly retrieve residential and commercial smart meter data to power your application. Gain access to granular energy consumption data and a host of other data and features.
A few lines of code can spare you months of integration and ongoing maintenance. We remove financial, regulatory, and technical barriers, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: developing the best solutions for your customers.


Effortlessly connect to residential and commercial smart meters across Europe. Consolidate data from diverse sources into one unified platform.
Access granular interval insights (15, 30, and 60 minutes)
Explore historical and ongoing consumption data
Multi-country coverage
Country Details Guide

Stay Compliant

Leverage our Hosted Consents feature to collect the appropriate consent from the energy consumer, ensuring compliance with local regulations and data privacy laws.
Integrate hosted consent flows into your apps with ease
Minimize regulatory risks
Ensure compliance across countries
Consent Guide

World-Class API

Access smart meter data with ease using our developer-friendly API. Save months of integration and ongoing maintenance with just a few lines of code.
Single RESTful API to access all energy devices and data sources
White labeled consent flows for onboarding customers across multiple countries
Industry leading developer documentation and tooling
Explore API docs