Unlocking access to smart meter data

Smart meters have revolutionised the way we consume and monitor electricity, providing a wealth of valuable information that can be harnessed to create a more efficient and sustainable energy ecosystem. However for anyone wanting to access that data they face a host of challenges:

- Fragmented regulatory frameworks across European countries.
- Data privacy and security requirements such as GDPR.
- Varying information architectures across different smart meter networks.
- Complex data models with challenging API documentation.
- Financial barriers including large upfront costs.
That is why we are building Openvolt. Creating a single, developer friendly API, that abstracts away the complexity of accessing smart meter data.

World Class API

A developer friendly API that abstracts away differences between different country infrastructures, clear and intuitive API documentation and a rapid on-boarding process.

Consent Management

Workflows that ensure your data requests leverage the correct consent mechanism from the data owner. Ongoing monitoring to ensure you remain compliant in accessing data.

Data Security and Privacy

AWS cloud hosted, ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant. We manage data privacy and security so you can focus on building great applications on top of the data.

Multi Country Coverage

Connect into any market with a smart meter data exchange infrastructure, starting with Western Europe. Grow your energy business beyond your borders leveraging our API.

Accessible Pricing

Openvolt is on a mission to unlock innovation in the energy sector. Our pricing plans are structured to enable the next wave of innovators to access smart meter data.

Committed Support

We are passionate about making it possible to unlock access to smart meter data. We're there with you when you need us.