Apply your talent to make an impact.

Join us on our mission to unlock smart-meter data across the globe.
We're not your typical startup; we're a mission-focused, change-the-world kind of team that knows how to have fun along the way. If you're seeking a dynamic and fulfilling work environment, you've come to the right place.​

We're fully remote (our founders are in Dublin and Barcelona), and other team members are spread across Europe, but we make sure to come together every 2-3 months to have shared experiences, bond, and most importantly, have fun. These gatherings are a crucial part of our culture, allowing us to strengthen our connections and recharge our collective energy.
With ambitions to build a truly world-changing business and backed by leading European VCs, we believe the Openvolt team can have an outsized impact on the climate challenge. We're invested in your success and well-being. As early hires in a high-potential startup, you'll be co-pilots in building a category-defining company. You'll work closely with our co-founders and get to learn from their decades of experience as entrepreneurs and execs.​

If you're passionate about having an impact and have a record of excellence, we want to hear from you.
Open Roles

Founding Software Engineer - Full Stack

Just getting started

We are just getting a sense of what this could be and every customer request, every new business model starting to emerge on top of our API gets us even more excited. We are developers making products for other developers. We are designing APIs that we ourselves would be delighted with, developer dashboards that look beautiful but are incredibly functional. For this reason, we are looking for product led engineers. We don't have Product Managers or Project Managers, we expect you to understand the needs of your customer, know what's possible to deliver and just get the job done! You have two roles as a founding engineer - the first is building the product and the second is building the company.

Climate focused

We are also developers who care about what we are building at the end of the day. It's important to us that it's not just another e-commerce product, social media app or ads platform, but something that may actually have some meaningful impact. Admittedly, we may not be the extreme climate warriors you read about at the latest COP forum but we do care deeply about climate change, and aligning our skills and time to making a difference is key.

But we also love tech

It just so happens, we also LOVE tech! It's hard for software engineers to have a play in climate tech as most of those roles have some hardware component. After all, climate change is impact from Atoms not Bits. Our bet is on the Electrification of Everything, and as the world transitions to electricity then more electricity meters will exist. Lucky for us, these meters are SMART, they're already plugged in and already transmitting data .... somewhere =)

Our tech stack is quite basic at this stage. It's a javascript tech stack with Vue.js on the front-end and Node.js on the backend (we use typescipt where possible). It's MongoDB for the application and TimescaleDB for the very large datasets we are accumulating. Scaling data retrieval and storage will be interesting challenges for us as we grow, along with an unhealthy obsession for developer experience when it comes to the API.

  • Fully remote work from any European location.
  • Competitive market based salary
  • Founding Engineers get a % stake in the company. We want you to feel like true owners of the business
  • Build something that will make a difference in the world
  • Front seat with the founders. You’ll be exposed to all of the messiness, excitement and learning of a high potential startup
How to Apply

Send an email to

Thoughtful written communication is important to us, so write a short note letting us know why you're excited about the role and why you think you'd be a good fit. Don't worry too much about a CV but do send us your LinkedIn profile and your Github repo so we can check it out. This is good signal for us regarding your level of curiosity when it comes to tech.

If you really wanted to impress us, you could consider the following challenge (this is optional but it could be kinda fun). It gives you a good sense of what's possible using the Openvolt API also. If you do opt to do this, then either zip up the solution or post it to a github repo and include the link in your email.

A commercial building in the UK (Stark Industries UK HQ) consumes electricity from the National Grid. Write a programme in the javascript tech stack that calculates 

  1. The monthly energy consumed by the building (kWh)
  2. The monthly amount of CO2 (kgs) emitted by the electricity generated for the building. Use half hourly readings from data sources to calculate this
  3. The monthly % of fuel mix (wind/solar/nuclear/coal/etc) used to generate the electricity. Again, use half hourly readings to calculate weighted average

The timeframe is for the month of January 2023


  1. The Openvolt API ( The building has one electricity meter with a meter_id of "6514167223e3d1424bf82742" Use x-api-key "test-Z9EB05N-07FMA5B-PYFEE46-X4ECYAR" for API calls
  2. Official Carbon Intensity API from the National Grid  (link to API)