Powering your smart meter data access

Integrate Openvolt's API into your product offering to access owner permissioned smart meter electricity consumption data. With a developer friendly API, managed consent, robust data security and multi-country coverage, Openvolt unlocks your ability to grow your energy business.

Energy Services. Leverage interval data to conduct energy audits, monitor ongoing energy efficiency, identify the most appropriate tariff and better manage properties.

Solar PV. Gather interval electricity consumption data to size solar PV installations, demonstrate RoI to potential customers and enable upselling of battery storage.

VPP. Enable clients to participate in your Virtual Power Plant (VPP), leveraging their energy resources for grid stability, asset optimization, and revenue generation opportunities.

EV Charging. Leverage smart meter data to understand upgrades needed to facilitate charging infrastructure and tariff data, where available, to manage the charging experience.

Other innovative applications. We believe that unlocking access to smart meter data can unleash a wave of innovation in the energy space. Are you an innovator or startup? Get in touch!