Openvolt, the API for energy data, raises €1.5M to enable the next generation of energy applications

Openvolt, the API for energy data, raises €1.5M to enable the next generation of energy applications
Dublin, September 21, 2023 – Openvolt, a remote company with a mission to enable new energy solutions by unlocking access to energy data, has raised a pre-seed round of €1.5 million led by Berlin-based early stage investor Cavalry Ventures, with participation from climate investor Übermorgen Ventures.
Openvolt, the API for energy data, raises €1.5M to enable the next generation of energy applications

Openvolt's API will provide developers with a seamless and powerful solution for accessing a wealth of energy data.

Dave Curran, co-founder and CEO of Openvolt commented:

"We believe that combating climate change requires actionable data-driven solutions. Access to granular energy data is a missing component in achieving a sustainable future. With our API we are ultimately removing the financial, legal and technical barriers that prevent innovators from accessing this data. By abstracting away this complexity, we believe we can unlock innovation in energy management."

A seamless API solution redefines access to critical energy data

As the world races towards a sustainable future, Openvolt's API empowers software developers and companies to create a new generation of applications that can contribute to reducing the world’s carbon footprint. These include applications focused on improving energy efficiency in domestic and commercial properties, applications that enable a better electric vehicle charging experience, as well as enabling new emerging technologies such as demand response solutions for the electric grid.

The infusion of capital will enable Openvolt to accelerate the development of its innovative API. The company is growing and is currently recruiting for a number of key roles, including remote Software Engineers based in Europe.

Alongside the recent fundraising, Openvolt is announcing the imminent launch of its Beta API, granting access to meter-level energy consumption data in the United Kingdom. Software developers who share Openvolt's vision for innovation and sustainability are invited to test the beta and explore the transformative potential of energy data applications.

"Openvolt’s product is a game-changer for developers. By simplifying access to user-permissioned energy data, we're empowering developers to focus on what they do best – innovating. With our API, they can seamlessly integrate energy data into their applications, creating a new wave of solutions that drive energy efficiency and shape a more sustainable world,"

says Don O’Leary, co-founder and CTO of Openvolt.

Fusing entrepreneurial acumen and data flow expertise

With a proven track record of entrepreneurial success, Dave Curran brings invaluable insights from his previous venture Love Mondays, which was acquired by Glassdoor in 2016. Complementing this expertise is Don O’Leary, who previously led Stripe’s Dublin office and has deep experience in building world-class APIs. The co-founders came together through a shared passion to have a meaningful impact on the climate challenge.

Claude Ritter, Managing Partner at Cavalry Ventures and the lead investor of Openvolt’s recent funding round, shares the company’s vision and expresses confidence in the startup's potential impact.

"Openvolt's API represents a transformative leap akin to what open banking ignited in the financial sector. Just as open banking revolutionized how we manage and access financial data, Openvolt's API can unlock a wealth of possibilities for fresh energy management solutions and fuel the accelerated growth of new ventures in the sector."

About Openvolt

Openvolt is building the API for energy data. As the world accelerates its efforts to reach Net Zero, energy data is becoming increasingly important to enabling the efficient use of our energy resources. With an initial focus on smart meter data, Openvolt is removing the regulatory, financial and technical hurdles that impede energy innovators from integrating this data into the next generation of energy applications. Openvolt is founded by entrepreneurs and technology executives Dave Curran and Don O'Leary.

About Cavalry Ventures

Founded in 2016, Cavalry Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm in Berlin, Germany, that backs bold entrepreneurs in building a better future through technology. Cavalry is a first check investor and initially invests in European pre-seed or seed-stage technology companies, across the enterprise as well as consumer spaces. Cavalry is defined by its entrepreneurial DNA. The team is driven by appreciation towards entrepreneurs and their will to turn extraordinary ideas into action. Cavalry has backed more than 50 companies, including Forto, Bryter, Rekki, PlanRadar, and Clarisights. For more information:

About Übermorgen Ventures

Übermorgen Ventures is a Swiss venture capital firm specialising in European early-stage climate tech and decarbonization innovations. Driven by the urgency of climate change, we see unparalleled business potential in startups that revolutionise decarbonization across various sectors. Our investment approach integrates both business viability and climate impact.

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Dave Curran
Co-Founder & CEO

Test the Beta API

Software developers interested in participating in Openvolt's Beta API program and exploring the potential of energy data applications are encouraged to sign up here.